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1.14 Printing


Prints something! It can be an empty line, a single expression/literal, or multiple expressions/literals seperated by tabulation directives (comma, semi-colon, or the TAB keyword).

If end of line has been reached than exit via NewLine. Note that the handler function starts on the third line.
0555 2B DCX H
0556 D7 RST NextChar
0557 CA8A05 Print JZ NewLine
055A C8 RZ
If the start of a string literal (ie characters enclosed in double-quotes), then print it. If this function returns having found the end of the line then jump back (instead of simply RZ-ing) to the top so that NewLine gets called.
055B FE22 CPI '"'
055D CCA205 CZ PrintString
0560 CA5505 JZ Print-2
If TAB( keyword id, then jump to the Tab() handler.
0563 FE94 CPI KWID_TAB  
0565 CAC705 JZ Tab
0568 E5 PUSH H
If we have a comma, then that means we have to move to the next tab break.
0569 FE2C CPI ','
056B CAB305 JZ ToNextTabBreak
If we have a semi-colon, then we don't need to do anything - just jump to the end of Tab() which restores the prog ptr and loops back to Print-2.
056E FE3B CPI ';'
0570 CADF05 JZ ExitTab
We've got an expression to print. First we discard the prog ptr kept on the stack, and evaluate the expression to print.
0573 C1 POP B
0574 CD8A06 CALL EvalExpression
Preserve the prog ptr and convert the numeric expression result (in FACCUM of course) to a string and print it..
0577 E5 PUSH H
0578 CD420B CALL FOut
057B CDA305 CALL PrintString
Print a space. Expressions are printed with a trailing space, don't know why.
057E 3E20 MVI A,' '
0580 DF RST OutChar
Restore the prog ptr and jump back to continue with the rest of the print statement.
0581 E1 POP H
0582 C35505 JMP Print-2



HL points to just beyond the last byte of a line of user input. Here we write a null byte to terminate it, reset HL to point to the start of the input line buffer, then fall into NewLine.

0585 3600 TerminateInput MVI M,00
0587 211201 LXI H,LINE_BUFFER-1



Prints carriage return + line feed, plus a series of nulls which was probably due to some peculiarity of the teletypes of the day.

Print carriage return and save the ASCII value 13 to TERMINAL_X
058A 3E0D NewLine MVI A,'\r'
058C 322700 STA TERMINAL_X
058F DF RST OutChar
Print line feed.
0590 3E0A MVI A,'\n'
0592 DF RST OutChar
Print nulls, the number of which is taken from TERMINAL_Y. TERMINAL_X is reset to 0.
0593 3A2600 LDA TERMINAL_Y
0596 3D PrintNullLoop DCR A
0597 322700 STA TERMINAL_X
059A C8 RZ
059D DF RST OutChar
059F C39605 JMP PrintNullLoop



Prints a string to the terminal. Printing stops when a null byte or a '"' character is reached.

05A2 23 INX H
05A3 7E PrintString MOV A,M
05A4 B7 ORA A
05A5 C8 RZ
05A6 23 INX H
05A7 FE22 CPI '"'
05A9 C8 RZ
05AA DF RST OutChar
05AB FE0D CPI '\r'
05AD CC8A05 CZ NewLine
05B0 C3A305 JMP PrintString



Calculate how many spaces are needed to get us to the next tab-break then jump to PrintSpaces to do it.

If current character output position is beyond the last tab-break column, then call NewLine and jump to ExitTab.
05B3 3A2700 ToNextTabBreak LDA TERMINAL_X
05B6 FE38 CPI 38
05B8 D48A05 CNC NewLine
05BB D2DF05 JNC ExitTab
Get the number of spaces required to reach the next tab break. A = (14 - (A % 14)) - 1.
05BE D60E CalcSpaceCount SUI 0E
05C0 D2BE05 JNC CalcSpaceCount
05C3 2F CMA
Jump to print the required number of spaces.
05C4 C3D605 JMP PrintSpaces



Tabulation. The TAB keyword takes an integer argument denoting the absolute column to print spaces up to.

Get positive integer argument (the function called errors out if it's not a positive integer) into E
05C7 CD8804 Tab CALL GetSubscript
Syntax check for closing bracket.
05CA CF RST SyntaxCheck
05CB 29 ')'
Preserve prog ptr (minus one cos it gets incremented later).
Get the number of spaces we need to print. This number is the argument in E minus TERMINAL_X. If this is 0 or a negative number then we can't print any spaces so jump ahead to ExitTab. Note the math is a bit backward - this is a better way of doing it, memory-wise.
05D1 2F CMA
05D2 83 ADD E
05D3 D2DF05 JNC ExitTab
Print A+1 spaces.
05D6 3C PrintSpaces INR A
05D7 47 MOV B,A
05D8 3E20 MVI A,' '
05DA DF PrintSpaceLoop RST OutChar
05DB 05 DCR B
05DC C2DA05 JNZ PrintSpaceLoop
Restore the prog ptr, get the next character of program and jump back to the Print keyword handler.
05DF E1 ExitTab POP H
05E0 D7 RST NextChar
05E1 C35A05 JMP Print+3


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