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2.5 Sign Magic

A group of functions for testing and changing the sign of an fp number.



When FACCUM is non-zero, RST FTestSign jumps here to get the sign as an integer : 0x01 for positive, 0xFF for negative.

Load A with the most-significant byte of FACCUM, the top-most bit of which holds the sign. Then we LXI into SignToInt.
09DA 3A7101 FTestSign_tail LDA FACCUM+2
09DD FE.. CPI ..



Inverts the sign byte in A before falling into SigntoInt.

Simply invert A.
09DE 2F InvSignToInt CMA



Converts the sign byte in A to 0x01 for positive, 0xFF for negative.

Get bit 7 into carry flag and subtract from itself with carry. If A was +ve then it is now 0, whereas if A was -ve then A is now FF.
09DF 17 SignToInt RAL
09E0 9F SBB A
Return if A is FF, otherwise return with A=1.
09E1 C0 RNZ
09E2 3C INR A
09E3 C9 RET



Returns an integer that indicates FACCUM's sign. We do this by a simple call to FTestSign which gets the answer in A, then fall into FCharToFloat to get that answer back into FACCUM.

Get FACCUM's sign in A. A will be 0x01 for positive, 0 for zero, and 0xFF for negative.
09E4 EF Sgn RST FTestSign



Converts the signed byte in A to a floating-point number in FACCUM..

Get the char value in A as an unnormlised floating-point number.
09E5 0688 FCharToFloat MVI B,88 ie 2^8
09E7 110000 LXI D,0000
09EA 217201 LXI H,FACCUM+3
]Set FACCUM's exponent to 2^8, in preparation for a jump into FNormalise.
09EE 70 MOV M,B
09EF 0600 MVI B,00
Set FTEMP to 0x80, another preparation step for FNormalise.
09F1 23 INX H
09F2 3680 MVI M,80
Get sign into carry flag and jump to FNormalise.
09F4 17 RAL
09F5 C35B08 JMP FNormalise




Return if FACCUM is already positive, otherwise fall into FNegate to make it positive.
09F8 EF Abs RST FTestSign
09F9 F0 RP



Negate FACCUM's sign, ie FACCUM = -FACCUM.

09FA 217101 FNegate LXI H,FACCUM+2
09FE EE80 XRI 80
0A00 77 MOV M,A
0A01 C9 RET


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