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1.2 Keywords

There are three groups of keywords :



A table of function pointers for the inline keywords.

003F A20A DW Int
0041 F809 DW Abs
0043 9804 DW Usr
0045 210C DW Sqr
0047 5F0C DW Rnd
0049 950C DW Sin



A table of function pointers for the arithmetic operator functions. Four entries of three bytes each; the first entry byte is for operator precedence and the second and third bytes are function pointers.

004B 791008 KW_ARITH_OP_FNS DB 0x79, DW FAdd +
004E 790A08 DB 0x79, DW FSub -
0051 7CE308 DB 0x7C, DW FMul *
0054 7C2F09 DB 0x7C, DW FDiv /



String constants for all keywords, including arithmetic operators. Note that the last character of each keyword has bit 7 set to denote that it is the last character; also that the whole table is terminated with a single null byte.

General keywords
0057 454EC4 KEYWORDS "END" 80
005A 464FD2   "FOR"
005D 4E4558D4   "NEXT" 82
0061 444154C1   "DATA" 83
0065 494E5055D4   "INPUT" 84
006A 4449CD   "DIM" 85
006D 524541C4   "READ" 86
0071 4C45D4   "LET" 87
0074 474F54CF   "GOTO" 88
0078 5255CE   "RUN" 89
007B 49C6   "IF" 8A
007D 524553544F52C5   "RESTORE" 8B
0084 474F5355C2   "GOSUB" 8C
0089 5245545552CE   "RETURN" 8D
008F 5245CD   "REM" 8E
0092 53544FD0   "STOP" 8F
0096 5052494ED4   "PRINT" 90
009B 4C4953D4   "LIST" 91
009F 434C4541D2   "CLEAR" 92
00A4 4E45D7   "NEW" 93
Supplementary keywords
00A7 544142A8   "TAB(" 94
00AB 54CF   "TO" 95
00AD 544845CE   "THEN" 96
00B1 535445D0   "STEP" 97
Arithmetic and logical operators
00B5 AB   "+" 98
00B6 AD   "-" 99
00B7 AA   "*" 9A
00B8 AF   "/" 9B
00B9 BE   ">" 9C
00BA BD   "=" 9D
00BB BC   "<" 9E
Inline keywords
00BC 5347CE   "SGN" 9F
00BF 494ED4   "INT" A0
00C2 4142D3   "ABS" A1
00C5 5553D2   "USR" A2
00C8 5351D2   "SQR" A3
00CB 524EC4   "RND" A4
00CE 5349CE   "SIN" A5
Null terminator.
00D1 00    



Pointers to the functions for the 20 general keywords at the start of the KEYWORDS table above.

00D4 D503 DW For FOR
00D6 4906 DW Next NEXT
00D8 F504 DW Data DATA
00DA E405 DW Input INPUT
00DC 1607 DW Dim DIM
00DE F605 DW Read READ
00E0 0205 DW Let LET
00E2 CF04 DW Goto GOTO
00E4 A102 DW Run RUN
00E6 1605 DW If IF
00E8 6904 DW Restore RESTORE
00EA BE04 DW Gosub GOSUB
00EC DF04 DW Return RETURN
00EE F704 DW Rem REM
00F0 F701 DW Stop STOP
00F2 5705 DW Print PRINT
00F4 8E03 DW List LIST
00F6 A602 DW Clear CLEAR
00F8 9502 DW New NEW


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